Beth Dielle Ciesco

Your well-being is important and impacts not just you and those close to you, but the world around you. This in turn impacts your well-being. I want to share the tools and techniques I've learned to help you break negative cycles, manage stress, find meaning, and develop and deepen your connection to life. I take a multi-faceted approach:

Stress Relief & Well-Being
Tired of making excuses for why you can't have, do, be what you want? What is your creative dream? Do you want to complete a project? Find support and discipline to practice new habits? Learn to relax? Find connection again? I love helping people change their habit and fear-based mindsets to discover a whole new world of self-acceptance, creativity and opportunity.

I offer a unique combination of energy- and voice-centered and traditional relaxation therapies that can help with things like PTSD, PMDD, emotional trauma, chronic pain, change of life, stress, low energy, anxiety and the other states of being that rob us of life.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Guided meditations and visualizations
Energy Healing including Reiki and Aka Dua,
Toltec Wisdom & Shamanism (The Four Agreements, etc.)
Sound healing

15 min. consultations by phone or Skype are available at no charge. My rates are very reasonable. Private sessions are 20 € per 1/2 hour and 35 € for 1 hour. I can travel to you in some instances. I charge a 5 € travel fee for every 15 minutes over the first 1/2 hour-round trip. This is because time spent traveling is time not working in additional to auto wear and tear. Email me for inquiries and consultations or to be added to my mailing list.


The Healing Sanctuary
Sound is a powerful means of bringing balance to our multidimensional selves (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) because it has the ability to touch us on so many levels. That's why I've been creating a sacred sound healing space tucked away in the Charente for clients to retreat from the world for a little while and enjoy a relaxing sound healing experience of choice. The Sanctuary features listening experiences with specialized soundtracks, personalized sound baths created with sound healing instruments and voice, and various energy healing practices including Reiki, Transformational Voicework and Mirror Meditation for those ready to experience these unique and powerful modalities. Prices range from 6 € to 60 €. I offer a free 10 minute listening experience! You may request a full menu of services via email or download it at

With a Masters in Education, Dielle's personal journey led her to explore alternative modes of healing, relaxation, and meditation in 2000. These explorations resulted in attunements in Reiki, Reiki Tummo, and Aka Dua and initiations in Toltec, Peruvian and Bon Shamanic traditions with advanced trainings in the Toltec Wisdom. She's also studied traditional healing, life coaching, and sacred sound. Her experiences merge in Transformational Voicework on which she's written two books, The Unknown Mother and Your True Voice.

"I first read Dielle's book for help in finding my 'voice' and wound up marking many pages for rereading and referencing. I then participated in one of her workshops. I was astounded at the benefits. I was able to unlock pent-up sadness and anger and have a huge emotional cleansing. The results are with me today. Thank you, Dielle, for the work you do." Janice S., USA

“My experience with what you had me do really made me confront some deep things that many of the other healing modalities I have done never brought me too so quickly. It was intense in a way I never expected and as you said we only scratched the surface. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your taking time to work with and on me today. And thank you for your patience and compassion as well.” Craig P., USA

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