26230 Chantemerle Lès Grignan

~ Micro-Nutrition, Weight loss ~
~ Psycho/Health Counsellor & Coach ~
~ Solution- Focused Therapy ~
~ Hypnosis, NLP, Traumatism relief ~
~ Food Behaviour, Addictions ~




If you want to :
  • Feel better, more comfortable and psychologically stable with yourself and with others even if you never thought that you could
  • Get over loneliness, learn to link to others
  • Lose weight with pleasure without a diet and in a durable way
  • Get over addictions and improve your food behaviour
  • Get over traumatism
  • Gain in psychological and physical health through micro-nutrition as preventive and optimising therapy while being followed by your own Doctor and Medical Specialists
  • Discover your potential energetic self
  • Sleep better
  • Digest better even if you have a long lasting colopathic state
  • Optimise your capacity to lose weight durably
  • Reduce an inflammatory state
  • Increase your heart health, your memory, your humour, sports performance
  • Avoid having invalidating illnesses like diabetes and heart disease

Maria can help you…feel free to contact her for a free assessment session.

Siret number : 52410240700037